Get Quality Leads Now!

We build custom lead generation campaigns that generate exclusive leads.
  • Define ideal Client

    Tell us about your ideal customer and we'll send you targeted leads that match your ideal customer profile. Whether you're looking for people with specific interests or businesses of a particular size and industry, we can send you leads that are interested and ready to buy from you.

  • Improve Your Sales Funnel

    Strong lead generation programs rely on quick turnarounds and speedy responses. We can help you to improve your sales funnel so that you can quickly reach out to leads and close sales. You make sure your sales scripts are up-to-date with all the changes you have in your organization.

  • Real Time Leads

    Whether you want leads delivered directly into your CRM or sent via text message, our innovative lead generation system will send you leads in real-time. Now it is only a matter of your sales team communicating benefits of using your products and services, and not spending time on lead generation.

”I’ve been working with OnLine Master PR & Marketing for more than a year now and they made my business completely different. First, they truly understand your needs and serve you in a strategic way. Their ability to meet my needs and keep growing my business is impressive!”

Boris ILIC, Grand Investment Ltd, CEO

3 Actions You Can Take Today to Improve Your Lead Generation

  • Know your site visitors

    At OnLine Master PR & Marketing we follow a ''Rule of 30'' in lead generation. It states that a prospect needs to be exposed to your message 10 times before the message gets through. The challenge is in todays oversaturated market, you’re lucky to get one in three messages through. So plan on 30 in order to get through! Where do these touches come from? Well, if your team is sending prospects to the website, you can use retargeting to increase the number of impressions. It’s an easy way to increase impressions without altering your sales cycle.

  • Engage with prospects

    The great thing about digital is that your prospects that are active on social media are used to engaging with strangers and brands directly. The challenge with that is it requires someone from your company to be interested in having that same level of engagement. We tested a series of Facebook Messenger ads and learned that the people who responded to the ad expected immediate responses. The bot was not enough. Unless you have someone on staff plugged in enough to stay on top of a message, direct engagement is not recommended.

  • Advertise on social media

    The demographic and psychographic information that the social media platforms have on their users is impressive. Running ads to the audience you define makes a lot of sense. The challenge we find in lead generation is advertising to these segments is, at best, a branding exercise. Increasing awareness is part of the process for sure, but it takes time and a budget. This is why we prefer and prioritize paying for re-targeting ads as mentioned in point one. That said, anytime you can define your audience and get your brand in front of them, it’s a great thing.

What Our Lead Generation Service Include?

Our strength lies in our ability to integrate business strategy with brand strategy, creating a seamless and powerful solution that brings results.
  • A New Sales Team

    Account Manager, Dedicated Sales Rep, Email & Social Marketing Specialist, Research & Data Analyst, Quality Analyst

  • Multi-channel Marketing

    Get the benefits of your All-in-One Marketing Package – Voice, Email, Social Media and Web Marketing

  • Global Reach

    Take advantage of access to over 35 million target businesses from the US, UK, Australia, Asia, and more

  • Warm Leads

    Get ready to close the deals because we’re sending warm, qualified leads and appointments your way!

  • Marketing Automation

    Never miss an opportunity to sell as we nurture all leads for you until they are ready to engage!

  • Up-to-date Contacts

    Keep your data up-to-date and your marketing campaigns relevant with fresh, phone-verified data


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