Have you ever wondered why your business isn't making more money?

Does chasing after new customers take too much time and energy?

Do you feel that working longer or harder make you tired?

Have you noticed that working long hours doesn’t seem to make a difference in your bottom line?

And does it ever seem like your successful competitors know some “secret” to making sales that you don’t?

If you answered YES to any of above questions, you are right!

We have good news and bad news for you.

The bad news is this: if it seems like there’s something successful people know that you don’t… it’s true! THEY DO.

But the good news is that there’s nothing holding you back from using the same methods that have made the world’s wealthiest business owners and professionals so successful.

All you need is the right step-by-step Highly Converting Marketing System (HiCoMS). Once you implement the HiCoMS that wealthy companies and individuals use to create their success, you can practically instantly grow your business.
And in a moment, we’ll reveal you the system that thousands of companies from around the world have used to double, 3x, 5x or 10x their revenue. It’s the same step-by-step system you’ll be able to use, too.
Before you start to use this money-making machine, there’s something you need to understand first…

It Doesn't Matter How Good Your Product Or Service Is – You'll Be Successful Only If Your Audience Knows It!

In today’s world, in many countries, marketing has a bad connotation.
We complain about TV commercials trying to manipulate us and play on our emotions. We roll our eyes at cheesy billboards and toss junk mail in the trash. A call from a telemarketer can be frustrating enough to ruin our day.
And yet, for people who run a business, marketing is often seen as a “money spending machine”.
After all, no one can buy your products if they don’t know they exist. So, if you do not present your product in the right way, to the right people, who need your product or service, you will not have success in business. Your product / service may be the best in the world, but if the customer does not know that it exists at all, it is the same as if it does not exist.
When you find the right approach, suddenly, selling your products and services becomes easy.
Instead of chasing potential customers or clients down, resorting to cold calls, or throwing away money on ads that never seem to show solid results…

You Can Market Yourself Without Selling People Products They Don't Want And Don't Need

When you apply a HiCoMS, you can magnetically attract your dream customers or clients.
Instead of spending your days chasing down the budgeted results, the number of sales, increase average sales volume…, you can spend more of your time doing what you love, and less time wondering when your next sale will come in.
It won’t happen if you spend 100 hours a week creating products, ordering inventory, or perfecting your services in the hopes of making it big instead of marketing.
Unfortunately most people spend less than 20% of their efforts on marketing and that’s one of the most common reasons why most businesses fail.

Marketing is responsible for the income you bring into your company and it keeps your company alive.

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Develop my Highly Converting Marketing Strategy!
I am sure you have seen hundreds, even thousands of businesses and individuals having thousands of likes, comments, engagement on Social media, so-called “influencers”.
What you can’t see behind the scene is that they are struggling to sell barely anything, putting them in a position to hardly pay the bills & meet months’ end.
Marketing to a cold audience, to the audience that does not need your product of services, is like hoping that wind will take your message to your client. It is a wasting of time and money. This is „praying for sales” and not marketing.
Without Highly Converting Marketing System (HiCoMS) you have no customers, without customers, you have no money, and without money, you have no business.
So, you DON’T need to:
  • Hope you will attract the right people,
  • Show up every day on social media,
  • Have a unique and beautiful grid on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tik-Tok, Twitter…
  • Spend on marketing to the general audience…

You need ONLY ONE THING, that will completely turn your business and your life around…

Now imagine a situation where hundreds of your clients give you their full contact details (phone number, e-mail, place of living….) and can’t wait to call them to buy your product or service?
By putting Highly Converting Marketing System in place, you attract the right people who are interested in what you have to offer.
This ensures you’re collecting leads from both warm and cold traffic. And not just any leads, but quality leads that represent your ideal client.
It is critical to have an strong email strategy, because if you’re collecting leads in your funnel, that means you have a strong opportunity to convert those leads into customers through email.
So what would happen if you turned the tables and really invested in developing this kind of marketing system… and went from spending whatever you currently spend on marketing, to implement Highly Converting Marketing System?

How would your life change?

Develop my Highly Converting Marketing Strategy!

Have you ever used Highly Converting Marketing System (HiCoMS) in your business?

Some of you reading this might think that sounds impossible. If you’re only spending 20% or less of your time marketing, there’s probably a reason. Because if you’re like so many business owners – you hate the idea of “selling” to people. It makes sense.
We don’t like to bother other people. We aren’t sure if we’re wasting their time. And most of all, we don’t want to hear a rejection.
And that’s what makes HiCoMS so powerful. It helps you to market yourself and your business – without ever having to “sell” yourself again!
How? It’s actually very simple.
When you target people who really want and need your product or service, making money becomes easy. You no longer have to persuade, nag, or beg your prospects to buy.
We’ll explain how it all works in a moment. But first, a little about the author of this system and some of the mistakes she has made on her own journey to wealth.

She Has Learned How To Market The Hard Way!

So You Don't Have To!
This marketing system was made by Aleksandra Pleckovic. You may know her as Facebook and Instagram lead generation expert, business coach, speaker, as well as the creator of numerous life-changing training on personal growth and mindset.
Over the years, she earned millions simply by using her own real-world experiences to help hundreds of businesses, and thousands of students create high levels of success in their own lives.
Aleksandra is the CEO and visionary of the OnLine Master PR marketing agency. She is an entrepreneur, therapist, and educator born in a small town with big wishes and huge positive energy to help others on their magnificent life journey.
She didn’t always have this business: the clients, the courses, the sales, the thousands of downloads… in fact, just a few years ago you could have found her doing nothing, desperate, alone, and without any idea about what she is going to do in her life, confused in many ways. She imagined her life totally different (kids and well-paid job in some big company office), because she graduated from the Faculty of Economics, and she is a Master of Economics Science!

Everything turned into something else, into her dream.

At her age of 29, she invested in a self-development course. That single investment led her to a job she is running today.
And the rest is history.
Now, after years of trial and error, she has created a step-by-step system that literally anyone can use to create wealth. These are powerful marketing strategies that can help any business, in any industry, find ideal customers and draw them to you like magic.
Develop my Highly Converting Marketing Strategy!

Here's What Some Of Our Clients Are Saying About The HiCoMS:

Just a year ago, I was completely confused when it came to my business and marketing. I worked more and more, but the income was the same or less! I knew something was wrong and I didn't have time to think about what I was doing wrong. On Line Master immediately caught my attention with an irresistible offer for lead generation! I knew right away that I really needed it - contact with customers who are willing to buy my products. The business has grown enormously for 5 months - the e-mail list has grown, and so has the revenue! I recommend from my ❤!
Maria Wogel Executive Director
I’ve been working with OnLine Master PR & Marketing for more than a year now and they made my business completely different. First, they truly understand your needs and serve you in a strategic way. Their ability to meet my needs and keep growing my business is impressive!
Boris ILIC CEO, Grand Investment
Worth 10 times its value! My company can not work without this anymore. It's worth 10 times I paid for it! Thank you!
Manfred Redford Owner
Boost of My Income On Autopilot! OnLineMaster helped me develop a comprehensive marketing strategy and set up marketing funnel for my business. I can put it on autopilot now! Based on the strategies and tactics I now have, I made an action plan to boost my income on demand. Thanks Sandra!
Miranda Willson Web Developer
A complete business solution!!! Before I found this incredible Onlinemaster team, I was very struggling with my marketing efforts. Now I have a complete business solution for my growth
This system is just what I was always looking for. I am feeling very confident that in 1 year time my business will triple.
Amanda Taylor CEO

This comprehensive marketing system will have people literally lining up to buy from you!

Whether you’ve been in business for years and are looking to grow, or you’re just starting out and want to get off to a strong start, this Highly Converting Marketing System is packed with information that will accelerate you lightyears beyond your competition.
When you enroll in The HiCoMS, you’ll:
  • Craft your message to attract the best buyers
  • Determine your target markets and discover lucrative specialty markets
  • Get magnetic copy for your ads, your sales letters, your emails, your website copy, and even your brochures if you use them
  • Add upsells, downsells, and cross-sells to instantly increase your profits and bottom line
  • Bundle your services or programs and how to structure your backend offers so you are maximizing your revenue
  • Create an irresistible tagline and unique selling proposition or hook to give your market clarity on what you do and why you’re the one to help them
  • Articulate your heart story so you can emotionally connect with your market and make them fall in love with you
  • Create irresistible offers to make sales effortless while building extreme goodwill with your customers
  • Develop the ultimate sales funnel to create real wealth and financial success
  • Spend the same amount of money yet massively increase profits
  • Set up joint ventures and endorsed mailers to get 10X the exposure and 10X the sales
  • Use a continuity program to build a baseline with recurring income for your business
  • Setup the simplest but the most effective referral program
  • Create a frequent buyer incentive program that keeps your customers coming back again and again and again
And much, MUCH more..

This foolproof system can be applied to any business, and used over and over again.

These are time-tested principles Aleksandra has used to create success in her own life, and has seen businesses use again and again across a range of industries.
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Not Sure About The System? Try It For 30 Days Risk-Free

(You only pay for real advertising costs)
Develop my Highly Converting Marketing Strategy!
We know it can be nerve-wracking to invest in a new program to expand or kickstart your business. What if the program doesn’t address your business’s unique problems? What if it just serve you information you already know? Or what if you try everything and it doesn’t work?
We’re confident that this program has something to offer everyone – no matter what type of business you run or how long you’ve been on the market. But if you’re not sure, not to worry.
We would never ask you to take a risk we wouldn’t take ourselves. That’s why we back every single enrollment with a super easy, 30 day money-back guarantee. If for any reason you’re not fully satisfied with the system, simply contact us for a quick and courteous refund.
(But just between us. We’ve seen Aleksandra and OnLineMaster team helped hundreds of people and their businesses before, and we’ve seen the results as it transformed their lives. We strongly believe you’ll like what you get once you’re enrolled in the program… because we’ve already seen companies achieving real, lasting success).

But Before You Decide...
A Word Of Warning!

We know that this can be a lot of money. Especially if you’re just starting out, or your business is nowhere near the level you want it to be.
But when it comes to success, there’s a simple way… and there’s a hard way.
You can spend years experimenting with this stuff, attempting to learn effective marketing through trial and error. Knowing all the while that you might be missing out on potential profits while you try to find your footing. And in the end? You may become rich. Or if you’re like most people, you’ll struggle forever.
Or there’s the simple way. You can find someone who’s already had multiple successful businesses under their belt. Someone who’s already made millions and millions using time-tested techniques and systems. And you can benefit from what they learned while getting to where they are today.
The saying goes “time is money”. And it’s true that time is our most precious commodity. Why risk the hassle and expense of taking a shot in the dark that may or may not work? Following in the footsteps of someone who’s already in the position you want to be in eliminates the risk, the frustration, and most of all… all the wasted time!

So if you're serious about finding success – without spending years trying to develop your own way – then Highly Converting Marketing System (HiCoMS) is for you.

These are time-tested principles Aleksandra has used to create success in her own life, and has seen businesses use again and again across a range of industries.
, Lead Generation, On Line Master - Social Media Marketing and PR
Try It For 30 Days Risk-Free (You only pay for real advertising costs)
Develop my Highly Converting Marketing Strategy!

What You Get Working With Us?

Our strength lies in our ability to integrate business strategy with brand strategy, creating a seamless and powerful solution that brings results.
  • A New Sales Team

    Account Manager, Dedicated Sales Rep, Email & Social Marketing Specialist, Research Analyst, Quality Analyst

  • Multi-channel Marketing

    Get the benefits of your All-in-One Marketing Package – Email, Social Media and Web Marketing

  • Global Reach

    Take advantage of access to over 35 million target businesses from the US, UK, Australia, Asia, and more

  • Warm Leads

    Get ready to close the deals because we’re sending warm, qualified leads and appointments your way!

  • Marketing Automation

    Never miss an opportunity to sell as we nurture all leads for you until they are ready to engage!

  • Up-to-date Contacts

    Keep your data up-to-date and your marketing campaigns relevant with fresh, phone-verified data


3 Actions You Can Take Today to Improve Your Business

  • Know your customers

    At OnLine Master PR & Marketing we follow a ''Rule of 30'' in lead generation. It states that a prospect needs to be exposed to your message 10 times before the message gets through. The challenge is in todays oversaturated market, you’re lucky to get one in three messages through. So plan on 30 in order to get through! Where do these come from? Well, if your team is sending prospects to the website, you can use retargeting to increase the number of impressions. It’s an easy way to increase impressions without altering your sales cycle.

  • Engage with prospects

    The great thing about digital is that your prospects that are active on social media are used to engaging with strangers and brands directly. The challenge with that is it requires someone from your company to be interested in having that same level of engagement. We tested a series of Facebook Messenger ads and learned that the people who responded to the ad expected immediate responses. The bot was not enough. Unless you have someone on staff plugged in enough to stay on top of a message, direct engagement is not recommended.

  • Advertise

    The demographic and psychographic information that the social media platforms have on their users is impressive. Running ads to the audience you define makes a lot of sense. The challenge we find in lead generation is advertising to these segments is, at best, a branding exercise. Increasing awareness is part of the process for sure, but it takes time and a budget. This is why we prefer and prioritize paying for re-targeting ads as mentioned in point one. That said, anytime you can define your audience and get your brand in front of them, it’s a great thing.

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